Remediating the AIDS Archive: Networks of AIDS Video Activism

From its particular focus on HIV/AIDS, Remediating the AIDS Archive looks to historical methods of activist information-sharing through filmmaking and film festivals. This project is not simply historical in nature, however. It also interrogates the ways in which the history of HIV/AIDS is remembered through LGBT2Q+-based cultural representation, the ways in which the HIV/AIDS crisis persists today, and the ways in which media activism continues to address the crisis. To do this, the project uses archival research about the history of four Canadian LGBT2Q+ film festivals. In partnership with Reelout Arts Festival Inc. in particular, the research will result in public-facing projects such as a short film program on the topic of HIV/AIDS at their annual film festival and an online interactive exhibition.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Lord


Tamara de Szegheo Lang


Reelout Arts Project Inc.




Information and cultural industries


Queen's University


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