Reproducibility of Instruments to Measure School Performance and Cognitive Function in Brazilian Schoolchildren

When assessing academic performance and cognition, it is important to use a test that will accurately measure an individuals abilities. Tests that are created in one country or language may not be applicable in another region. To solve this, culture fair tests are ones that can be applied to any person, regardless of their culture, language, or location. In the present study a number of tests, most of which are culture fair, created in English speaking countries will be assessed for their validity in Brazilian schoolchildren. Based on a review of the literature, tests that have been used to assess cognition in North American children have been selected to determine their test-retest reliability in Brazilian children. The selected tests will be administered to a group of Brazilian schoolchildren (ages 8-12), and then re-administered seven days later. The tests with the best test-retest reliability will be selected for use in future studies investigating effects of physical activity on cognition in children.

Faculty Supervisor:

Linda Rohr


Amanda George






Memorial University of Newfoundland



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