Research and Development of Urinary Metabolome-based Personalized Health Assessment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Autism and Environmental Exposure – Year One

Despite the growing interests and publications in metabolomics, there is a significant gap between what have been found through scientific studies and what have actually been applied in clinical practice and preventative healthcare. This proposed project aims to fill this gap by addressing two major causes; 1) lack of utilization in existing metabolomics data and published findings, and 2) lack of an accessible tool to collect samples for metabolomics data at home. The first issue is addressed by text mining of published studies and online databases using machine learning techniques. This is followed by a development of multivariate statistical models based on the extracted data. To address the second issue, this project also focuses on a development of a collection kit and suitable analytical methods for metabolites found in urine, a biological specimen that can be collected non-invasively in large volume at home. This will expand current capability of Molecular You Corporation to acquire new information of human health and perform early diagnosis of various conditions of interest, such as autism and inflammatory bowel disease. This collaboration between the personalized digital health company and the major metabolomics research group is expected to bring impacts of metabolomics research efforts into society.

Faculty Supervisor:

David S Wishart


Mai Yamamoto


Molecular You Corporation




Health care and social assistance


University of Alberta



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