Research and test of the full waveform inversion method

Full waveform inversion (FWI) is an inversion technique that uses least squares theory to compute a velocity model of the Earth that minimizes the difference between an acquired shot and a synthetic shot. The technique proved to be of hard usage in industry and the goal of the project is to research for solutions that allow the application on real seismic data. The gradient (direction of the model update) will be computed with the PSPI migration and the scale factor (for proper update) will be computed by least squares. The final implement is to apply it on elastic waves (real data). The partner will have the opportunity to have a FWI experienced worker in the group and will be able to
research a new processing product to be part of a selected group of companies that offer such kind of seismic inversion.

Faculty Supervisor:

Larry Lines


Marcelo Guarido de Andrade


Orthogonal Geophysics


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources


University of Calgary



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