Research, development and testing of an instrument that can monitor and detect internal failure in liquids pipelines

The ubiquity of pipeline incidences have resulted in undesirable economic, environmental and social consequences. However, pipelines are a critical element of the transportation system of most countries, and are needed to convey goods and resources from one place to the other. In this research project, a technology that can be used to monitor operating pipelines is developed and extensively tested. This technology is projected to be able to identify the onset of pipeline failure earlier than existing technologies, and contribute towards improving the integrity of operating pipelines. The project will greatly advance the research and development skills, scientific and technical expertise, and communication abilities of personnel at the partner organization. In addition, the project will provide the partner organization with significant leverage to commercialize the developed technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lei Zhang


Adesola Olufade


Accurasee Instruments




Alternative energy




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