Research of the Chemicals of Concern Within the Finished Products Sold by Teknion

This research will investigate the chemical content in the furniture sold by Teknion. The presence of chemicals of concern and their associated potential human health risks will also be determined using guidelines approved by Health Canada and other jurisdictions. The findings from this research will enable Teknion to formulate evidence based guidelines for reducing their products’ toxicity and continuing to show their commitment to the Health Product Declaration. In addition, the information provided by this research will facilitate their implementation of current and upcoming chemical management regulations and enable the maintenance of their high environmental and social accountability standards. This research will also provide a useful critical analysis of the current voluntary guidelines and frameworks for acquiring chemical content information of products, which may facilitate Teknion’s future investigations of their products’ chemical content.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Roberta Fulthorpe


Alicia Quintanilla




Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Toronto



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