Researching and Evaluating SBL’s Youth Space Model, Summer Program, School Year and March Break Career Exploration Programs and Improving SBL’s Research-Evaluation Framework

This project takes a holistic and comprehensive analysis of all aspects of Success Beyond Limits (SBL’s) programming as well as their research and evaluation frameworks. Operating in a low-income and marginalized setting, youth that attend SBL’s programming find it difficult to find, secure and keep meaningful employment. This research will capture the experiences of those young people coming to SBL’s programs, identify the barriers they face with respect to employment and measure the impact of all of SBL’s programs. The benefits of this research for SBL is the ability to fine-tune current program, create new and innovate programs that fill gaps as well as the ability to report in more sophisticated ways. With an opportunity for sustained research and digitizing all past research and evaluation data will better position the organization to funders and stakeholders alike. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Carl James


Sam Tecle


Success Beyond Limits








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