Resili, a case study: An evaluation for improved user experience in DBT skills apps

This project seeks to build the body of academic understanding on how to effectively deliver a mental health skills-based intervention through a mobile app. The analysis will be done through retrospective and live analysis of the Resili app, a publicly available mHealth app which promotes strong mental health through the administration of a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills-based, self-taught curriculum. While there has been a recent flood of mental health apps, many have poor engagement rates, or administer interventions without a sound basis of evidence. Moreover, most apps which do deliver evidence-based interventions are rooted in protocolized treatments for populations with diagnosed mental illness. Resili’s DBT skills are evidence-based. This project will put academic rigour and field research into answering the question of how to create an engaging learning experience within a skills-based, rather than protocol-based mental health app for a general population, rather than a population with a specific diagnosis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Howard Abrams


Xinxin Lena Zhao


Supports Health




Health care and social assistance


University of Toronto



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