Resilience of modern skyscrapers subject to natural hazards

The structural performance of skyscrapers subjected to natural hazards such as strong winds and earthquakes has significant effects on the resilience of a city because of the recent boom in the construction of skyscrapers around the world. However, resilience is currently not explicitly considered in the design of tall buildings. Studies show that modern tall buildings can suffer significant damage due to natural hazards and they might need to be closed for up to 2–3 years for repair. This has serious socio-economic repercussions. Therefore, this research is first aimed at developing a comprehensive framework for evaluating resilience of modern skyscrapers. The research will then investigate methods of enhancing tall-building resilience using the Viscoelastic Coupling Damper, which is Kinetica’s ground breaking technology. Kinetica is a leader in the design of tall buildings and the findings of this research will create working platforms for Kinetica to enhance its competitiveness worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Evan Bentz


Deepak Raj Pant


Kinetica Dynamics Inc.


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Toronto



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