Resource potential of the Post Creek Property, Sudbury, Ontario

Sudbury represents the site of a meteorite impact structure originally greater than 200 km in diameter and that formed 1.85 billion years ago. Despite the proven and potential economic benefits of resource development at Sudbury, there are still major outstanding questions concerning our understanding of the structure and its ore deposits. A series of objectives have been composed concerning the origin of Sudbury Breccia, host to footwall vein deposits, and Offset Dykes at the Post Creek locality and their mineralization. Fieldwork forms the basis for this proposed research, coupled with sample investigation using a range of micro-analytical techniques. The results of the proposed research will address significant gaps in our current knowledge of the origin and emplacement of Offset Dykes and Sudbury Breccia and will enable the resource potential of the Post Creek Property to be determined.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon Osinski


Thomas Baechler


North American Nickel Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources




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