Restoration Opportunities for the Lost Creeks of South Etobicoke

Extensive development in south Etobicoke resulted in creeks historically viewed as a nuisance being buried, culverted or piped underground. However, creeks don’t just disappear, during large rainfall or snowmelt events. These buried creeks have been found to be a catalyst for flooding and reduce water quality because of reductions in storage and absorption of stormwater run-off over vegetated surfaces resulting in a ‘flashy’ response to stormwater. This project will investigate restoration options for the remnant portions of the lost creeks and investigate green infrastructure (i.e. stormwater ponds, or rain gardens) alternatives to stormwater management for areas contributing runoff to the lost creek network. The overall goal of this research project is to identify potential solutions to reduce negative impacts on water quality and quantity, while improving the ecological and societal value of the lost creeks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Claire Oswald


Sarah Ariano


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Geography / Geology / Earth science




Ryerson University



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