Restoring the Historic Fire Regime in the Chittenden Meadow, Skagit Valley Provincial Park, BC

The proposed research project to be undertaken involves the following two objectives: (1) Evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed burning as a management technique for maintaining native vegetation in the Chittenden Meadow, which has ecological and cultural importance. Continued long-term monitoring of the meadow, including assessing burn intensity, will help to increase our understanding of vegetation community change following prescribed fires and will build on 13 years of existing data, and (2) Understand the historic role of fire in the surrounding forest and meadow. This will provide information to support decisions regarding fuel treatment and restoration. The partner organization will benefit from participating by networking with BC Parks, BC Wildfire Branch representatives, and BCIT.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hélène Marcoux


Jacqueline Morris


Frontera Forest Solutions Inc


Environmental sciences






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