Rethinking Waste as Resource: Identifying Best Practices for Product and Packaging Stewardship

Current global consumption patterns are creating a significant pressure on the biodiversity of the planet, challenging the business as usual linear model of production which extracts virgin resources and disposes of waste indiscriminately. Despite the large sum of waste produced, only a portion of those are recycled or reused as valuable resource for future production of consumer goods. Many businesses are recognizing this unique niche market and the benefits of reevaluating waste as a resource. This research focuses on identifying key strength and weaknesses in the current regional and municipal waste disposal and recycling initiatives in Canada. Additionally, this research will identify best practices that can be implemented to grow recycling rates of producer packaging by encouraging closed loop and cyclical waste management practices. The data generated will ultimately serve to develop pilot programs that address gaps within the current waste management initiatives in Canada. This research will greatly assist in the partner organization, Reclay StewardEdge’s mission of inspiring and supporting industry leaders in implementing leading stewardship solutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ian Colquhoun


Pegah Djamzad


Reclay StewardEdge Inc.


Resources and environmental management


Environmental industry


Western University



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