Retirement Income and Wealth Management Analytics

The QWeMA division of CANNEX develops solutions for the financial and insurance industry of North America. Our analytics play an important role in determining the value proposition of investment products. Our solutions help the financial community and public through their financial advisors to be able to make informed decisions.
We work at the intersection of finance, mathematics, actuarial science, and computer science. Our solution strategies require us to solve complex mathematical and optimization problems in a finite amount of time. Therefore, our ability to understand the structure of various methods is vital to help us meet our business objectives.
Our main objective of the proposed internship is to use our knowledge of mathematics, optimization, financial modeling, and statistics to discover new investment strategies for retirement as well as address ongoing challenges and difficulties in the industry. Interns will receive an opportunity to put their knowledge to solve a real world problem.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Salisbury


Adam Mauskopf


CANNEX Financial Exchanges Limited







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