Retrofit of Switcher Locomotive: Clean Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell/ Battery Hybrid (Hydrail) with Innovative High Density H2 Storage

The H2M project, with the assistance of University of British Columbia Okanagan, will demonstrate a scaled down fuel cell powered rail locomotive (Hydrail) (250 horse power) and solid-state hydrogen storage retrofit solution on a Southern Railway of BC (SRY) diesel-electric switching locomotive. If the scaled down trial is successful, the project will proceed to scale up to a full powered locomotive (700 horse power). The project is expected to be complete by March 2022. H2M’s application includes local partners: University of British Columbia Okanagan and Southern Railway of BC. Research problem to be addressed: To reduce cost of H2 storage and dispensing, thereby increasing locomotive range and improving economics for NA fleet conversion. At $1 to 2 million/conversion, across all 24,000 locomotives, this approaches a $50 Billion commercialization potential for BC industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon Lovegrove;Joshua Brinkerhoff


Chun-Sheng Wang;Hegazi Mohamed


Hydrogen in Motion




Transportation and warehousing


University of British Columbia



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