Revision of Socio-Spatial Conceptions for Designing Public Spaces and Built Environments in Post Pandemic Alberta

This design research project explores existing and ongoing perspectives on (post) pandemic conceptions in built environment settings in Alberta, from an architectural design perspective. The results will add to the scholarly research on sustainable design of “public spaces” to support (post) COVID-19 period health concerns and recommendations, thereby contributing to the development of healthier design and more equitable, sustainable communities in Alberta. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a global public health crisis, which is coupled with the “new normal” of social distancing guidelines and health measures. The project suggests that this new normal, instituted to manage the spread of COVID-19, will generate new socio-spatial conceptions in post-pandemic design. This project invokes theory and practice, conducting design research that will be applicable to Manasc Isaac Architects’ recent and upcoming public space design projects, which include designs, renovations, and programming of congregate public space (spaces where people gather, e.g., institutional learning, cultural, and/or theatre space) in Alberta. In sum, this design research project will include a referential framework and develop in-depth case studies to create healthy built environments that represent the required synergy between sustainable design practice and post-pandemic public health needs, critical to re-visioning, re-designing, and re-programming congregate public spaces.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Messinger


Kishwar Habib


Manasc Isaac Architects




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta



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