Risks of Coastal Shipping

This project will undertake research on priorities and concerns that arise within Indigenous and Coastal Communities across Canada. Shipping provides benefits to many remove communities in delivering critical supplies, but the increase in shipping due to growth in activities such as tourism, mining and other industries presents a risk to the environment, livelihoods and food sources. The project aims at enhancing general understanding of the relationship between shipping and Indigenous coastal communities, to better inform decision makers, rights holders and stakeholders. The project outcomes are expected to build on existing knowledge on the issues and risks, to help better understand and communicate on what is important to the coastal communities. This in turn will help to inform industry improvements and best practices, regulatory changes, marine spatial planning and area response planning, and overall risk mitigation strategies. The project anticipates a range of deliverables for the various audiences.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Markwick


Charity Champagne


Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping Society






Capilano University



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