Robust Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Automotive Vehicles

The post-doctoral fellow will first develop novel approaches for the unsteady flow design environment. The use of real-world automotive geometries will allow the post-doctoral fellow to gain valuable insights of the challenges in this field, a firmer grasp of the transient flow over automotive vehicles in real-world flow conditions and the use of commercial-industrial level numerical tools. In addition, the post-doctoral fellow will work closely with professional engineers from FCA and understand the intricacies and challenges associated with automotive vehicles. During the two-year post-doctoral fellowship, the scholar will be able to attend professional development workshops to improve their presentation skills, attend academic and industrial conferences to present their work, and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals. In the long term, automotive vehicles with superior performance would reduce energy consumption whether fossil fuel or renewable based and hence it is in-line with Canada’s goal to be carbon neutral in the near future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siva Nadarajah


Syam Vangara


FCA Canada


Engineering - mechanical




McGill University


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