Robust Flexible Integrated Powering System for Microelectronics


Spinal Cord Stimulation utilizes a pacemaker like device, to deliver electrical impulses to the dorsal column of the spinal cord via an electrical lead placed in the epidural space.The electrical stimulation saturates the large nerve fibers with electrical noise masking the sensation of pain by creating a gentle tingling sensation in the area of pain. By utilizing this therapy, patients are able to resume normal activities and reduce their dependency on strong opioids and psychotropic medications. WorkSAFE BC (Worker Compensation Board) does not recognize or fund these therapies in BC, even though these therapies are funded by most WCB programs in Canada. Published returned to work rates (RTW), improvement in function, and significant decrease in pharmacological medications have not been well studied and currently show poor outcomes in this population of patients. This study will attempt to address these shortfalls and provide sufficient evidence that SCS is effective in improving these outcome measures. Based on these new findings, Medtronic expects that WorkSAFE BC will provide funding to treat injured workers in the Province of BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Roger Shick




Providence Health Care




Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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