Roche Lake Eutrophication study

Roche Lake is the Roche Lake is the largest lake among 12 highly productive water bodies in the Thomson-Nicola region of BC’s southern Interior Plateau. It has experienced algal blooms over the past four years indicating a change in nutrient loadings to the lake. Roche Lake suffered a winterkill of more than 50% of fish due to low oxygen levels during the 2013-2014 winter, with low oxygen levels persisting throughout summer 2014. The algal blooms and impacts on fish populations indicate a significant level of eutrophication that needs to be addressed. The postdoctoral fellow will conduct a water quality study to evaluate causes of eutrophication in Roche Lake and evaluate possible management strategies to remediate conditions in the lake, as well as prevent other lakes in the region from experiencing negative environmental conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Johnson


Alireza Araghi-Rahi, Mollie McDowell


Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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