Role of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on Gold Recovery from Sulphide Ores via Cyanidation and Thiosulphate Leaching Processes

The proposed research project pertains to the analysis and understanding of the role of oxygen in gold extraction and recovery process. Currently most gold mining operations apply air in their gold recovery process, but there are some data showing that the gold recovery with air application is not efficient. It is believed that the use of oxygen gas would result in higher gold recovery and ultimately lower costs. Also we believe the application of oxygen gas instead of air would minimize or eliminate the need for addition of lead nitrate into the gold recovery process solutions. The proposed research program will investigate the oxygen addition and provide scientifically reliable data to the gold miners regarding the application of oxygen over air.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ahmad Ghahremaninezhad


Rina Kim


Air Liquide Canada Inc.




Environmental industry


Queen's University



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