Room-scale Evaluation and Environmental Impact Assessment of a Treatment Approach for Reducing Hydrogen Sulphide Emission from Swine Barns

Workers in pig production barns can be exposed to hazards such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas which is emitted from stored pig manure. In the oil industry where H2S is also a serious concern, a treatment approach was successfully developed for controlling H2S emissions. This project will evaluate the applicability of the treatment in swine barns. Room]scale tests will be conducted at Prairie Swine Centre Inc (PSCI) which will involve comparison of H2S levels in two rooms, one operated as a control and the other with the treatment applied. Further, the environmental impact of the treatment will be assessed by simulating land application using soil columns on which treated manure will be applied. A feasibility study will be done to determine the economic viability of applying the treatment in commercial barns. In line with the mandate of PSCI, this project will generate information valuable to the mitigation of health and environmental concerns associated with swine operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bernardo Z. Predicala


Lyman Moreno


Prairie Swine Centre Inc.






University of Saskatchewan



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