Rural community sustainability research program at the Applied Research and Innovation Center – Selkirk College

This proposed rural community sustainability research program at the Rural Development Institute (RDI) aims to collectively address and support rural issues through research. The main themes surround sustainable economic development and diversification, climate resiliency, environmental protection, and sustainable community indicators for development and prosperity. Economic development and diversification will entail collaboration between different scales of human organization and stakeholders concerning economic projections, and models to help combat future rural community issues. In addition, applied rural climate adaptation and response may include smaller projects that define community-based strategies, expectations, and required supports in adapting to climate change. Throughout all of these themes, the need for a collective approach and collaborative research in the rural region of the Columbia Basin can be identified. The aim of this research initiative is to create a research program that provides the tools, skills, individuals, and resources required to support these themes for sustainable local communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adela Tesarek Kincaid


Kayla Tillapaugh






Selkirk College



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