Rural Philanthropy: Mapping Patterns of Charitable Giving in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada’s Atlantic Region

With ever-changing rural economies and landscapes, it is essential to identify alternative ways that charitable and non-profits organizations, as well as communities, can be adaptive and resilient to the changing circumstances they face.
In partnership with McConnell Foundation and IBEC, this project will examine the environmental philanthropic landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador and Atlantic Canada to better understand the challenges, barriers and potential of gaining charitable status to support environmentally focused charities and non-profits. Additionally, this project will seek to understand the potential for rural charitable organizations to increase community and environmental resiliency in the long-term.
It is expected that this research will benefit the partner organizations enabling them to meet their organization’s overall objectives. McConnell Foundation and IBEC’s goals will be achieved by gathering and mobilizing specific knowledge on the state of philanthropy in NL and Atlantic Canada, and the role that philanthropy can play in local environmental and social resilience.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Marc Fontan;Leith Deacon;Kelly Vodden


Miranda Invany


Fondation McConnell


Environmental sciences






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