Safe and Effective Enclosure for Electric Baseboard Heaters

Vent & Cover wants to develop in conjunction with UBC and UWO, an enclosure that can slip over electric baseboard heaters and create a safe-to-touch exterior while still allowing the heater to heat the room safely and effectively. The project will have 2 major components, the first of which is to develop an efficient thermal design that redistributes the heat safely. The second component is to determine the optimal material to compliment the design and maintain the objective of a safe-to-touch exterior. At the conclusion of the project, Vent & Cover intends to patent the enclosure and develop new markets in both Canada and the US through direct and distributor sales. In addition, Vent & Cover wants to be the leader in reducing burns to vulnerable individuals as well as accidental fires through the development of this safety enclosure for electric baseboard heaters.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ajay Ray;Ri Li


Ruoyao Li


Vent & Cover




Construction and infrastructure




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