Safety and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCAA) of a Network of Dual-Lane Multi-Modal Roundabouts

Modern roundabouts have become a subject of great interest and attention over the last few years. Compared to regular signalized intersections, roundabouts have the potential to reduce vehicular delay, emissions and increase safety. The objectives of this study is to conduct a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) to examine the short and long term benefits from a multi modal perspective. This research aims to articulate a more thorough understanding of safety and operational performance of multimodal roundabout based on LCAA. Using real observed data from the vehicular traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and transit vehicles and complimenting it with microsimulation data, this research will assess the delay, environmental and safety impacts associated with all the stages of the roundabout life. Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is always keen to focus on research on the safety perspective of new innovative transportation solution. Also, ISL Engineering has a desire to be proactive in transportation planning and create sustainable engineering designs for its clients. Therefore AMA and ISL engineering would like to engage with researchers and new technologies at the University of Calgary.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lina Kattan


Bidoura Khondaker


Alberta Motor Association


Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies


University of Calgary



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