Safety and Security for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Currently, the automotive industry is going through a very significant transformation—one that is blending cars with modern IT, involving technologies such as: multiple CPUs for in-car computing, ad-hoc networking and Internet connectivity, computer vision and sensing technologies, entertainment and artificial intelligence for automated driving and real-world congestion control. Connected and intelligence vehicles are also raising cyber-security concerns. Several recent attacks provided enough evidence, showing that vehicles are indeed vulnerable, and some of these vulnerabilities can be literally “deadly” to drivers and road users. To address these exploitation possibilities, with Irdeto Canada’s existing solutions to improve connected car security, the interns will be involved in developing more advanced software protection technologies, such as, runtime application self-protection and a secure operating system. The range of systems from keyless entry using mobile devices to autonomous driving systems will all benefit from increased security, reliability, and safety.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Mannan


Asif Mahbub


Irdeto Canada




Information and communications technologies




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