Sales Skills for the Modern Sales Environment

This research project will investigate the sales skills that enable salesperson performance for the modern sales environment. This will help to improve recruiting practices for organizations and will enable organizations to better prepare their employees for sales-related positions, and better prepare the existing sales team by incorporating the findings of this study in their sales training. The project involves an extended quantitative study on sales skills for top performance, understanding the top sales skills based on recruitment industry data, and an academic literature review and matching these skills to sales performance. This project extends Dr. Peesker’s innovative new approach to sales leadership research using mixed-approach (both quantitative and qualitative methods). The partner organization, CPSA, will benefit from this research by being able to better support their education partners and employers to establish national occupational standards and produce more graduates with the skills needed to succeed in sales jobs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Karen Peesker


Julia Gropper


Canadian Professional Sales Association




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University



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