Salt marsh carbon storage and accumulation rate in Boundary Bay, Delta, British Columbia

Salt marshes are intertidal ecosystems found on sheltered temperate marine coastlines which are known to provide a range of ecosystem services. These services include storm surge and flood protection, and carbon storage, which have been identified as valuable services to help coastal communities prepare for and fight against climate change. Salt marshes are good sinks for atmospheric carbon dioxide relative to their small size due to their ability to trap and bury organic matter in their soils. However, information on salt marshes is limited, which causes these ecosystems to be overlooked when creating coastal management plans and climate change plans. This research will be providing new data on the carbon storage ability of the salt marsh found in Boundary Bay, Delta, B.C., to help organizations and governments make evidence-based policy decisions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Karen Kohfeld


Maija Gailis


West Coast Environmental Law Association


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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