Salu – Cardiovascular System Monitor Prototyping

The Salu Design Group has developed the PulseWave – a compelling wearable solution that includes a small device and software application that can be used to help people better understand their cardiovascular and circulatory health state, as well as provide some simple feedback on how to improve their state of health. Twenty one percent of US consumers currently own a wearable technology product, yet over half of them do not wear them on a daily basis, including some who have given up on using them all together. The research problem that will be focused on for the Mitacs Grant is, “How does Salu “engage those who are unengaged” with their health, to improve health? This research problem provides a valuable opportunity for Salu, and its interns to provide for a compelling new and disruptive technological innovation for the fast growing wearable technology market. For Salu this emerging market, and the technologies that it is testing and developing, provides an important means for creating a valuable solution that can help people better understand and address their health & wellness goals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Ferguson-Pell


Martin Tee


Salu Design Group


Human physical performance and recreation


Medical devices


University of Alberta



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