Sanitation: Enabling sustainable community change in riverine communities of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

The Niger Delta in southern Nigeria has a population of over 30 million people, over half of whom live under the poverty level. Their health is significantly impacted by poor sanitation, which affects their ability to work, attend school, and improve their quality of life. Villages are sprinkled throughout a region of rivers, and creeks, islands, and mangrove forest, off the power grid, and only accessible by water. Generally latrines empty directly into the water, close to where villagers bath and wash clothes. There is no apprehension of the health implications. Nigeria is not doing well in improving sanitation for its citizens. This project is intended to provide guidance on effective and sustainable ways to improve sanitation for the many living in the riverine villages by examining attitudes and beliefs by villagers, reviewing literature and theoretical frameworks, and developing useful tools that can be applied by local NGOs. The results will inform approaches to development in this sector which is of great interest to the partner organization, a development consulting company. The internship with this company will include developing and publishing a handbook on promising practices in sanitation improvement for development practitioners and communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leslie King


Nancy Gilbert


Fantan Group Inc.


Environmental sciences



Royal Roads University



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