Scale Up of the Circulating Fluizied Bed Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

The project will focus on the development and installation of a modification to convert existing biological wastewater treatment systems (particularly, activated sludge and similar processes) to circulating fluidized bed bioreactors (CFBBR). The CFBBR has already been proven on the lab and pilot scale to have higher nutrient removal efficiencies and greater handling of high volumetric loadings. Following the installation, the enhanced removal efficiencies will be tested. The system’s ability to handle high volumetric loadings will also be tested by monitoring the effluent quality during wet weather flows or by increasing the flow with clean water to simulate wet weather flows. As the CFBBR hasn’t been tested on this scale before, the analysis of the system following installation will also include troubleshooting for any unforeseen issues. Given the results the from past studies, the modification will likely enhance the treatment capacity. However, it is mechanical/operational issues that will need to be addressed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jesse Zhu


Michael Nelson



Engineering - chemical / biological



Western University



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