Scaled Physical Modeling of Geomechanical Implications of Wormholes During CO2-Based CSI in CHOPS Reservoirs Part A: Centrifuge Testing of 3D Printed Specimens

Deliberate massive sand influx used to increase oil recovery from shallow heavy oil resources ultimately results in low oil recovery. This means 85-95% of oil would remain unrecovered during the co-production of oil and sand process, which is referred to as Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS). In this project, we looked at the possibility to enhance oil recovery using CO2 injection. By employing a geotechnical centrifuge and additive manufacturing (3D printing rock) technology, this research provides a better understanding of the dominant driving forces during cyclic injection of CO2 for sustainable, responsible, and transformative heavy oil production from these CHOPS reservoirs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rick Chalaturnyk


Alireza Rangrizshokri


Petroleum Technology Research Centre


Engineering - civil



University of Alberta



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