Scaling up Land2Lab:Intergenerational community action research promoting Traditional Mi’kmaw Foodways

The land and its foods are extremely important for the health of Indigenous communities. Throughout Canadian history, however, factors have limited Indigenous people’s ability to be able to go out on the land and harvest their foods according to Traditional ways. To combat this today, Elders have been sharing their knowledge about the land with youth to support the continued health of their communities. COVID-19 has made this increasingly difficult, however, as the health of Elders is of outmost importance and social gatherings have been limited as a result of this. For this research project, therefore, we will be using a virtual approach to bring together Elders and youth to encourage youth to get on the land to learn about their foods. The Intern will help evaluate this approach and develop a program tool-kit for this project to support its continuation within CMM and so that it can potentially be implemented in other First Nation communities across Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ann Fox


Renee Bujold


The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq




Professional, scientific and technical services


St. Francis Xavier University



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