Scaling up regional food systems in AB

This project aims to advance local/regional food systems in Alberta, as part of a 5-year SSHRC Partnership titled Food: Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged (FLEdGE). Local food systems generate opportunities to capture economic value (e.g., income and employment) within local communities, and can also result in indirect economic, social and environmental benefits. However, current resources within Alberta are fragmented and insufficient to meet increasing demand. Sustainability of the food system is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and strengthening regional food systems is a crucial component of creating resilient communities. Northlands has begun to focus on supporting local food systems. Students involved in this project will participate in research focused on scaling up institutional procurement of local food and strengthening knowledge mobilization and network development. They will develop research skills and knowledge of a rapidly evolving segment of the food system. Northlands will collaborate with university researchers in a mutually beneficial way thereby expanding capacity in the province to contribute to advancing regional food systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mary Beckie


Leanne Hedberg


Edmonton Northlands






University of Alberta



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