Scientific Validation of the CBI Workplace Solutions Pre-Placement Functional Assessment for Canada Post Delivery Agents

The purpose of this project is to conduct a scientific evaluation of pre-placement functional assessment for Canada Post delivery agents. Within the project, the research team will evaluate how delivery agents (letter carriers) perform mocked-up work tasks (based on actual job tasks observed in the field). Then the research team will evaluate how delivery agents perform the pre-placement functional assessment. The research team will compare the results from each condition to determine if the pre-placement functional assessment exposes delivery agent to physical demands that are similar to those experienced when performing the mocked-up work tasks. It is important to conduct a scientific evaluation of a pre-placement functional assessment to ensure that it is an adequate and reliable test of a delivery agents ability to perform the job of a delivery agent.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Fischer


Kim Moull


CBI Workplace Solutions




Life sciences


Queen's University



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