Scoop marketing strategy plan


Scoop is an innovative web and mobile application for business professionals, who have to spend significant amount of their working time outside the office. This application allows the teams to communicate faster, easier and more efficiently by providing the opportunity to explain the very small details of the project applying natural interpersonal communication habits characterized by voice, physical gestures and visual description of the given subject matter. SCOOP is a unique product, but the market is very competitive. Focused on the significantly small target group, different tools of marketing and promotion will be used and the effect will be evaluated in order to identify the most efficient combination of methods to reach the defined target audience. As a result of the internship Trusterra will be able to get long-term learning and conclusions about the target audience, their needs, preferences and requirements, as well as the reactions and responsiveness (buying behavior) depending on the marketing tools that were applied. It should help to kick of the first sales of the product and create a database of the customers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Paul Cubbon


Yulia Dorofeeva


Trusterra Technologies




Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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