Sea Lettuce to Biocarbon and Biogas with Recovery of Nutrients

Human activity in PEI contributes to over 90% of nitrates in island waterways. These nitrates are responsible for the growth of plants and algae including sea lettuce that chokes ponds and waterways, discolor water and create an anoxic event, which is harmful to the marine ecosystem. The proposed research investigates an integrated process for the conversion of sea lettuce into hydrochar and biogas with recycling of nutrients that could justify the harvesting of sea lettuce. The proposed research will create opportunities for the growth of new industries in the area of harvesting, processing and utilization of final products while providing sustainable solution to growing environmental problem. The system can than be applied to other areas having similar problems, thereby creating additional prospects for exporting know-how.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bishnu Acharya


Ankita Shrestha


Transcontinental International Sales & Services Ltd




Alternative energy




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