Seabed mapping for improved modelling of ocean circulation and glacier-ocean interactions in the Canadian Arctic

The loss of ice from glaciers in the Canadian Arctic is an important contributor to global sea level rise. Where glaciers are in contact with warm ocean water submarine melting and calving of icebergs can play an important role in driving this ice loss. However, the ability to model the circulation of warm ocean water, which is found at depth in the Canadian Arctic, is severely limited by a lack of data on the depth and topography of the ocean floor. This project aims to use newly acquired survey data collected in collaboration with the Centre de géomatique du Quebec to create an updated topographic map of the ocean floor of the eastern Canadian High Arctic. The new map will be used to model ocean circulation and improve our understanding the role of the ocean in driving the observed retreat of glaciers in the Canadian High Arctic.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Myers


Andrew Kent Hamilton


Centre de géomatique du Québec Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta


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