Second generation BMP2 for dental surgical applications

The intern will be producing a therapeutic protein, i.e. ‘biologic’ (BMP2) using mutated bacterial plasmids as the bio-factory. The intern will create a sequence of DNA to be transformed into E. coli cells (BL21). The cells will be grown up in the lab, and studied for enhanced clinical efficacy. Proteins will be affinity purified and the resulting BMP2 variants will be tested in lab bioactivity assays. With a more potent mutant BMP2, our partner will be able to increase the number of successful implantation and reconstruction services they offer as a smaller physical quantity of BMP2 will reduce illicit adverse immune events.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Illimar Altosaar


George Styles


Dr Hassan Ghaderi Moghadam Professional Corporation


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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