Secured Cell Broadcasting technology in M2M communication for energy specific application

This project will focus on researching Cell Broadcast solutions for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications (command and control operations). As an alternative to the Internet, Cell Broadcast is expected to offer great
advantages to both Utility providers as well as Commercial/Residential HVAC consumers due to its characteristics and it’s broadcasting nature over cellular control channels. Adopting Cell Broadcast will generate several communications-related challenges that will be studied and researched throughout the grant period. Comprehensive proposed solutions for such challenges will be also addressed. The Mitacs program will assist NexGen Controls with expertise, knowledge and various skill-sets that the interns will provide to accelerate the research and development for the proposed project. The research outcomes will enable NexGen Controls customers to optimize and control energy resources from all utility providers through to their HVAC mechanical equipment, etc. Moreover, the project results will create a transition for NexGen Controls from a consumerfocused service provider, to a proven controls energy communications solution provider, offering unmatched, Internet resistant, secure command and control, for utility companies, commercial/industrial as well as residential consumers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jahangir Hossain


Hassan Mohammadnavazi


NxGen Controls Corp








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