Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Provenance of the Upper Purcell Supergroup in Southeastern BC: Implications for Syn-depositional Tectonism

This proposal is for a focused study aimed at elucidating the depositional setting of the Upper Belt Purcell Supergroup. The goal of the study is to assess the potential of this Mesoproterozoic sequence for syngenetic mineralization, including SEDEX Pb-Zn and Cu deposits. Our aim is to identify periods of tectonic upheaval within the basin and in the adjacent sediment source terrane, as strata deposited during tectonic pulses show the greatest potential for syngenetic mineralization. Syn-depositional grabens commonly form the locus for syngenetic mineralization and detailed mapping and sampling along such structures identified through the course of this study will focus on characterizing their geometry and evolution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Stephen Johnston


David Gardner


Geological Survey of Canada


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying


University of Victoria



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