Seismic performance assessment of smart highway bridges using life-cycle costing

Bridge infrastructure constitutes a substantial portion of the national wealth of Canada, whose performance during earthquake events has a significant impact on the public safety. How to enhance the seismic performance of bridge structures is a huge big challenge in civil engineering. And how to promote the application of advanced technique in civil engineering is another big challenge. The project will provide insight into the long-term performance of a novel bridge reinforced with Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) bars in the life-cycle context, which is helpful for its application and acceptance by the decision makers. Bourcet Engineering is a renowned company in Western Canada for offering innovative solutions to civil infrastructure, and resource industries. The collaboration will place Bourcet Engineering at the forefront of new technologies and development in infrastructure systems and enable it to become a world leader in the advanced analysis and design of structures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahria Alam


Maryam Golestani


Bourcet Engineering




Information and communications technologies




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