Seismic performance of helical pile groups and their cost efficiency as alternative to driven piles

A new seismic hazard model of Canada will be incorporated in the NBCC2020, which will increase the seismic hazard by 50-100%. Meanwhile, helical piles are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional driven piles because of their fast installation, lower cost and lower labour risk. They are suitable for retrofitting existing deficient foundations because they require smaller installation equipment that cause minimal vibration and noise during installation. Observations during recent strong earthquakes have demonstrated excellent performance of structures supported on helical piles with negligible damage. This research will aid in gaining better understanding of seismic performance of helical piles and pile groups under strong earthquakes and provide quantitative comparison between helical piles and driven piles in terms of performance and cost regarding seismic design. The research would produce performance-cost comparative charts of piles considering different ground conditions and levels of ground motion intensity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hesham El Naggar


Abdelrahman Aly


Almita Piling


Engineering - civil




Western University



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