Seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings subject to main shock and aftershocks


Many regions, both in the eastern and western provinces of Canada, are prone to moderate to high seismic hazards. The seismic hazards, coupled with older, vulnerable infrastructures, pose the potential for damage and loss of life. The economic impact of seismic induced damage, on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia alone, has been estimated at 14.3 to 32.1 billion dollars. The overall objective of this research will combine current knowledge in the areas of seismic hazard assessment, structural engineering, and risk assessment to provide a comprehensive methodology to evaluate buildings and determine efficient retrofit alternatives. In the first phase of this MITACS proposal, the applicant will develop a methodology to quantify site seismicity (main shocks) and subsequent aftershocks, and develop a methodology to quantify damage accumulation. Subsequently, the proposed project will develop a decision support tool to assist decision-makers in the planning and management of the non-code conforming reinforced concrete (RC) buildings for resource and fund allocations.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Solomon Tesfamariam


Konrad Duerr


West Edge Engineering




Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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