Selective Dissolution of Alloys 400 and 800 in CANDU Steam Generator Environments: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies

This project will study the corrosion of two nickel alloys commonly used in nuclear reactors: Monel 400 and Alloy 800. In the steam generator section of nuclear reactors, the chemistry is complex and may lead to the formation of ammoniacal species such as soluble ammonia (NH3). Ammonia may accelerate the corrosion of these alloys. The project will first study the thermodynamics (the possible chemical reactions) that are occurring within the steam generator, then it will use this information to study the corrosion rate of the nickel alloys. Finally, alterations to the chemistry or the alloy will be recommended based on this project with the end objective of reducing costs and improving reactor performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edouard Asselin


Mohammad Amin Razmjoo Khollari


Kinectrics Inc





University of British Columbia



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