Selective Laser Melting Process Simulation of a Nickel-Based Superalloy Gas Turbine Component

Selective laser meting (SLM) is a promising additive manufacturing process that can be effectively utilized to manufacture structural components with complex geometries. Instead of removing the material, SLM adds the material selectively layer after layer using high power laser beam to form near net shape parts. Due to high cost associated with experimental development of the technology, the need for an accurate model to simulate the process is inevitable. Considering this, the main objective of this research project is to develop a high fidelity finite element model to simulate the SLM process on a gas turbine component such as fuel burner or high pressure nuzzle guide vane in order to highlight the influence of each processing parameter on the quality of the part. The finite element model will be validated by the experimental analysis that has been envisaged to be conducted at Siemens facilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ramin Sedaghati2


Marjan Molavi-Zarandi


Siemens Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices


Concordia University



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