Selective Spray Oxidation of Impurity Metals

This research project seeks to develop a novel method for selectively oxidizing impurities in metals. Using available plasma spray technologies, this project will determine a set of parameters to optimize the effect of oxidation in certain metal samples. Three sample metals to be tested are German silver, Sterling silver, and 18 Karat gold. The goal will be to target the oxidation of impurities present in these metals such as nickel and copper. By selectively oxidizing these impurities, we can more easily separate the impurities and be left with higher purity gold and silver in each respective test. Analysis of the oxidized samples is to be conducted to quantify the effectiveness of the spray oxidation process. Samples will be analyzed with the aid of McMaster University and the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM).

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Veldhuis


Carlos Alberto Schuch Bork


Aurum Integra Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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