Sensors Western Operational Research and Development (SWORD)

Accurate monitoring of a patient’s vital signs – including body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse oxygenation – is central to the ability of clinicians to provide appropriate medical care. In spite of this, the standard equipment used to take these measurements is inefficient, inconvenient, and expensive. Adept Diagnostics will break into the medical device market with the development of novel wireless sensor systems to track these physiological variables continuously and inobtrusively. This equipment, based on unique patented sensor technology, will improve patient care by allowing doctors and nurses to easily keep track of key patient statistics accurately, reliably and remotely. These sensors will also be inexpensive and small enough for use in research. This project will produce and test prototype sensor devices measuring three clinically relevant physiological variables, and complete pilot studies testing their effectiveness and accuracy. This technology has the potential to improve the clinical care of adults and children in almost any medical situation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Rieder


Lauren Hanly, Emma Beaulieu, & Michael Greff


Adept Diagnostics




Medical devices


Western University



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