Shake Table Testing and Analytical Validation of a Reduced Scale Dam Considering Dam-Water Interaction

Hydropower dams are significant investments and their integrity affects many stakeholders. Failure of a dam results in catastrophic events which cannot be mitigated. Seismic evaluation and prediction of dynamic response of dams need in depth assessment which has always been challenging with complex dam-water-foundation interaction. Impounded water considerably affects the response of a dam during a seismic event. In this study, shake table experiments will be conducted on reduced scale 3D printed and digitally fabricated gravity dams under a ‘full pool’ condition during a seismic event matching the natural frequency of the dam. Finite-element simulation will be completed to verify experimental results to check impounding waters effect on the force generated within the structure which will help the partner organization select best design alternatives during design and construction of dams as well as for the informed retrofitting of thousands of existing structures throughout North America.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahria Alam


Md Kabir


Austin Engineering Ltd








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